4 Mixed Container Trends’ Effect on Labeling

This article from Greenhouse Grower, explains the trends in mixed container design. Be sure to check out that article, since ours compliments the projected trends. While Greenhouse Grower focusses on the plants, we take a look at how the labeling can compliment these trends.

1. Monochromatic and Single Genus Mixed Container

When designing a label for a monochromatic combination, you have two options. Do you want the plants to pull the focus, or should the label and the information provided on it? If you think the plant should be the center of attention, match the color of the label to the colors in the plant. Otherwise, use a polarizing color. You can find what color plays opposite to your plant by using a color wheel.

When composing a single genus mixed container, you could create a label in the general shape of the genus. The shape emphasizes the theme in an easy to understand manner.

2. Tropical & Foliage Combos

When bright tropicals and vibrant foliage are commanding attention, let them. Try using a greyscale label. Still interested in the label being prominent? Use bold text and juxtaposition to create a label that still makes a mark.

Mixed container examples

3. Nontraditional Container Components

Evergreens foliage and water-wise succulents in combination with annuals are picking up steam. Showcase the evergreen and water-wise aspects on your label to increase customer appeal. With a spreading drought and uncertain younger buyers, customers are looking for a reason to purchase your items. Any value presented on your label increases interest.

4. Added-Value Perennial Combinations

Similar to the point above, if you have an easy-care plant, be sure to label it as such. In fact, you could create an easy-care series with a secondary, bold, bright label. A simple label that is easy to see and states “Easy-Care Plant” could make a big impact on customers.

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