Today, January 10th marks National Houseplant Appreciation Day! 

Having plants indoors has many benefits. Just a few of these benefits include: 

  • A boost in your mood
    • Having plants around your home has been proven to boost one’s mood. According to the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, plants are able to reduce stress and anxiety. The microbes in the soil release cytokines, which can prompt your brain to produce more serotonin.
  • An increase in your air quality 
    • Plants help clean your air. Your indoor plants will emit oxygen into your house, while helping absorb more carbon dioxide, therefore, improving the quality of your air inside your house.
  • Lessons on nurture 
    • Having something to take care of helps fulfill your human instinct of nurturing. It gives a sense of purpose and gives you something to look forward to and watch grow. 
  • Increase in productivity and focus 
    • Since indoor plants are able to filter the air from irritants in one’s environment, this helps improve the air quality, in turn resulting in a more settled person. This balanced level of air helps one concentrate better, increasing overall productivity. 

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