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World Bee Day 2020


Every year on May 20th, World Bee Day is celebrated! The purpose of this international day is to celebrate and acknowledge the role that bees and other pollinators have on our ecosystem. History of World Bee Day: This day is… Continue Reading

Oh, Deer – They Ate My Flowers!


Damage caused by deer brings significant disappointment to gardeners, horticulturists, and homeowners, not to mention serious damage to agriculture crops.  Yet, many people (not I) have a love-affair seeing deer move about in their yard. It is understandable I guess,… Continue Reading

Nothing Creepy About Creeping Phlox


In gardening design, especially when the goal is to reveal the most of a vivid color, grouping, or massing of the plant with that flower color, achieves the most impact. From my days working in theme parks, we resorted to… Continue Reading

Greenhouse Worker Safety & Social Distancing


The pandemic is not over yet, but many greenhouses are up and operating again. To ensure everyone’s safety, there are precautions & conversations to be had. Many businesses are facing these challenges of how to keep their workers safe while… Continue Reading