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Grower Comments: Developing Plant Durability


In our last blog post, we noted and admired the perseverance of our friends in the greenhouse, nursery and farming world during these uncertain times. As the massive wheel of economics in our great nation grinds and slows, these businesses… Continue Reading

Annual vs Perennial Plants


Annual vs. Perennial – Gardeners Decisions It is one of those topics that pop up in gatherings with new gardeners present or first-time homeowners who discovered their flower beds are work, not self-sustaining, and weeds are mean. I heard a… Continue Reading

Plant Containers – What Are They Worth?


The green industry is laser-focused on developing and growing the highest quality plants by the most efficient means. Improving plant features of color, texture, size, and adaptations to environmental conditions consume much of the time and energy of growers. It… Continue Reading

The Colorful Coleus


Coleus (Plectranthus) is one of those annual bedding plants that every year I am truly amazed by the new introductions of foliage color. There are not many annual plants that can hold its array of colors in both shade and… Continue Reading