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How Will The Indoor Plant Market Grow?


Millennials and Gen Z are growing up. Soon, their impact on the indoor plant market are already felt. Here are some ways you can use these cultural shifts to improve the sales of indoor plants.

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Metropolitan Life is Growing And

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Calcium Prevents Leaf Burn


If you’re a greenhouse, you may already know that calcium is crucial to plant development. Firstly, it helps the plant grow which is essential to growing profitable plants in the horticulture industry. Calcium also helps to strengthen the cell walls, Continue Reading

Costa Farms’ Gardening Ideas and Ingenuity


Is there a better way to appreciate beautiful flowers and stunning greenery than through gardening?

“Whether indoors or outdoors, brightening a space with plants improves your quality of life,” says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms. “Just being around … Continue Reading

10 Ways To Repackage Perennials


Repackage perennials with updated verbiage, and even packaging considerations, to strengthen your products’ appeal. By repackaging your plants, you also open up your potential for sales.

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1. Repackage Perennials For Small Spaces

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