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Controlling Aphids In A Greenhouse


This recent post from Greenhouse Grower provides a wealth of knowledge on getting rid of aphids from your greenhouse. Not only does it discuss the basics on aphid biology and why they are attracted to your plants, but it also… Continue Reading

Tri-Panel Label Overview


The tri-panel label is a booklet style label that can open up to reveal two more panels. This option is perfect for¬†displaying a lot of information¬†for your plant. From plant care information to regulated information, you can fit… Continue Reading

4 Tips For Decorating Potted Gardens


Smaller gardens, including potted gardens, are more difficult to design than large¬†ones¬†since the area is more concentrated. Every single plant either adds to the composition or detracts from it. Here are some ways you can create potted gardens… Continue Reading

Is E-Commerce Worth It?


Learn more about e-commerce options over on Great Lakes Label’s blog. Today, we’re focussing in on how e-commerce effects the horticulture industry. Is it worth digging into?The Pros of E-Commerce E-commerce opens up a whole world of opportunity. Even with labeling… Continue Reading