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Cider Demand Grows Apple Market

October 11, 2016


According to Fruit Growers’ News, the global market consumes about 635 million gallons of hard cider a year. Astonishingly, that number is projected to grow. By 2020, 435 million tons of apples will be needed to supply the world’s cider consumers. That is a lot of apples!

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Cider makers want bittersweet, or bittersharp, small apples with high tannins. Growers want high-resistant, disease-wielding consistency. Budding thousands of varieties won’t be ideal for nurseries, though.

According to the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center, a few varieties that are not as sensitive to fire blight as other kinds of apples may grow well in northwest Michigan. These varieties include Frequin Rouge, Burgundy, Bulmer’s Norman and Adams Apple. Could these varieties be the answer to growing enough apples to supply the cider demand?

How Agri Scan Helps Growers Produce Apples For Cider

Keeping track of all these apples will become increasingly difficult as well. Agri Scan is a system that can help. Whether it is labor or bin management, Agri Scan is a desktop program that has all of the customizable functions you need to track what best fits your operation. This is going be a game changer if the demand for apples continues to grow so rapidly.

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