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Offer Budget Friendly Horticulture Options


Budget friendly plant options are ideal for gift givers and for anyone not looking to invest in plants. So, make sure your pricing is clear, and that you consider this when you create arrangements or packages for the holiday season.¬†… Continue Reading

Horticulture Label Things We’re Thankful For


It’s Thanksgiving and we’re celebrating by looking at labeling things in horticulture that we’re thankful for. It’s been a year influenced by many horticulture trends, and in turn, that has gone on to influence label design as well. So, consider… Continue Reading

Design Labels Promoting Window Gardens


Window gardens are broken down in this Garden Design Magazine post.¬†It discusses how to create levels, themes, and proper plant support. So, now that gardeners are spending more time indoors, use your labeling space to help them make a… Continue Reading

Make Plants an Interior Focal Point


As our lives move more indoors for the winter, using plants as a focal point helps keeps the spirit of summer alive. So, show customers how to create interior interest that keeps their horticultural passion alive. This also means that… Continue Reading