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Striking Plants: Mulla Mulla

November 29, 2018


Mulla mulla is an Australian plant, formally known as ptilotus exaltatus. It is a robust perennial or ephemeral herb which thrives in spring and summer. However, this plant can live through light frost also. As a result, mulla mulla isn’t ideal for Continue Reading

Striking Plants: Bear’s Ear

October 25, 2018


Bear’s ear, more formally known as primula auricula, or auricula, and even mountain cowslip is a flower which grows on rocks in central Europe. This plant is seen on the Alps, Jura mountains, the Vosges, the Black Forest and the Continue Reading

Striking Plants: The Tongue Plant

September 27, 2018


Tongue plant, also more formally known as Glottiphyllum depressum, is a fantastic plant offering thick foliage, bright blooms, and light fruit. It almost looks like a desert dandelion at first glance. However, this plant offers so much more for North Continue Reading

Striking Plants: Voodoo Lily

August 30, 2018


Voodoo lily, also scientifically known as amorphophallus konjac. However, it caries many other names too including:

  • konjak
  • konjaku
  • konnyaku potato
  • devil’s tongue
  • snake palm
  • elephant yam

Voodoo Lily Specifications

  • Primarily grown for the gigantic flowers and even the unique
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Striking Plants: Scorpiurus muricatus

July 26, 2018


Scorpiurus muricatus, also known as “caterpillar plant”, or “prickly scorpion’s tail” is a European and Syrian legume. The plant even features small flowers and leaves dissimilar to most legumes. As a result, this plant offers unique interest to gardens.



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