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Striking Plants: Mulla Mulla

November 29, 2018


Mulla mulla is an Australian plant, formally known as ptilotus exaltatus. It is a robust perennial or ephemeral herb which thrives in spring and summer. However, this plant can live through light frost also. As a result, mulla mulla isn’t ideal for Continue Reading

Make Plants an Interior Focal Point

November 13, 2018


As our lives move more indoors for the winter, using plants as a focal point helps keeps the spirit of summer alive. So, show customers how to create interior interest that keeps their horticultural passion alive. This also means that… Continue Reading

Get Gardeners Into Festive Spirits With Labels

October 30, 2018


Festive garden spaces are becoming more and more abundant as fall draws onward. So, help your customers enjoy their garden spaces a little longer with seasonal details. Or, for your shoppers without garden spaces, show them how to bring the… Continue Reading