Today marks a Clean Air Action Day.

What is that?

It is a day in which a city or county calls for because the ozone levels are elevated.

Today's Forecast — West Michigan Clean Air Coalition

West Michigan is calling for a Clean Air Action Day today (June 20) and tomorrow (June 21) due to high ozone levels resulting in unhealthy air for “sensitive groups.”

In what ways can you help keep the air clean?

It is best to try and reduce anything that pollutes or contaminates the air.

  • Try to not refuel your vehicle on this day.
  • Do not mow your lawn today, or use any other gas-powered equipment.
  • Don’t use charcoal lighter fluid.
  • You are encouraged to walk, bike, or at least carpool if you need to drive.
  • Try to delay extra driving around or errands until the Clean Air Action Day is over.
  • Do not use water-based paints.

Clean air action day tips to keep the air clean

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