This article from The Guardian talks about tropical plants and a simple trick for keeping them happy in colder climates. While many customers are interested in developing tropical decor, the upkeep is intimidating. This is where your expertise in the horticulture industry can help make your customers’ dreams come true.

First, Winter Hardy Tropicals

Check out this article from HGTV on winter-hardy tropicals. This list provides you a baseline of plants that your customers may have success with. It even provides you with what zone is the limit for each tropical.

In fact, customers may not be aware that if they plant easter lilies after frost has ended, the bulbs will spout year after year like tulips! The bloom will happen in the summer, but it is still an easy-care option for introducing tropicals into the exterior design.

HGTV Makes It Easy

HGTV did it again! Here are a whole bunch of articles talking about tropicals as house plants. From poinsettia to oxalis and elephant ear, they are must-reads.

Great, so now you have some information on making tropicals come to life up north. Your customers will be looking for easily digestible information to dip their toes when starting out. It is important to make this information easily accessible and easy to understand for a wide range of people.

Backyard Boss Lists the Best Tropical Houseplants

Check out their article explaining the most common problems people have when caring for their tropical houseplants! They also list the 6 best varieties, along with growing & care tips for each, that you can share with your customers or friends.

Happy DIY Home – Tropical Plants Indoors

Visit this link to see a list of 16 Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors! After all, winter is coming for many states, so why not bring some warmth inside your home with these tropical beauties!

Display Your Tropical Plants

Start with a display. Showcase tropicals that are easy to care for and resilient. Provide a QR code to a blog on your website with more information, or handouts with breakdowns on the pros and cons of each plant. Make it easy for your customers to envision themselves bringing it home.

Take It A Step Further

Looking for something more advanced? Try creating a matchmaking quiz. Customers can honestly fill out their capabilities and you can introduce them to the plant of their dreams.

Label Impactfully

Do you know of simple tricks that can help a tropical plant survive? Don’t overwhelm people with information, but a simple tip can go a long way. Include this information on the plant’s tag or label.

Learn about the labeling and automation solutions that Label Gator offers. See how you can save time, money, and labor.


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