Can Gamification Develop Horticultural Interests?

Can Gamification Develop Horticultural Interests?

Gamification is a marketing trend seen in many industries, but for some reason, not so much from growers. There’s plant watering apps that even gamify the experience of tending to your plants. So, use games to create a more engaging experience with shoppers, and develop their interest in horticulture.

One User’s Experience With Stardew Valley

Nathanael Peacock wrote an article for IGN about how his experience playing the role playing game, Stardew Valley influenced his developing interest in gardening. It’s a great example of how users experience the industry before committing to plants. So, without realizing it, their interest develops before they even purchase their first plants.

Social Media Gamification in Horticulture

Social media also plays with gamification in a much simpler way. Brands offer giveaways and share user generated content. So, in that sense there are some elements of gamification that can be immediately taken advantage of. Again, even making it clear that your brand reposts followers pictures of your products is exciting for shoppers. Use a branded hashtag to make it easy to find content to share.

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Create Your Own Games & Apps To Share on Your Labels

Use NFC (Near Field Communication) , QR codes, or even simple urls on your label design to link customers to games and apps created by your brand. While investing in creating an original game or app sounds like a daunting investment, it easily connects customers to your products, and builds a bond between them and your brand. So, then they not only develop an interest in horticulture, but also helps them see you as a thought leader. Now, when they’re ready to shop for plants, you’ll be the first grower they think of.

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