Get Gardeners Into Festive Spirits With Labels

October 30, 2018
Festive garden spaces are becoming more and more abundant as fall draws onward. So, help your customers enjoy their garden spaces a little longer with seasonal details. Or, for your shoppers without garden spaces, show them how to bring the great outdoors inside.

Festive Fall and Halloween pumpkin and foliage display
Spooky Details in Big Spaces

There are so many ways that front entry ways, or yards, can be dressed up in a fall or Halloween style. Make it easy for your customers to find the aesthetic by connecting them to community photos with a labeled, branded hashtag like #YourGardenCenterHalloween. Or, link shoppers to tutorials and DIY blog posts using labeling technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR codes.

Don’t Forget How to Show Good Lighting

Pumpkins are an obvious source of beautiful, hygge lighting in this season. However, consider how the moon garden, with glowing flowers, magical lanterns, and mystical accessories, enhance the darker seasons. For example, a glow in the dark pathway helps trick-or-treaters make it up to your front door, just as it brings added light to the seemingly constant night. Use beautiful product photography that glows with foiling to catch customers’ eyes.

Indoor or Balcony Festival Fall and Halloween Flower and Gourd Basket

Getting Small Spaces Festive Also

This doesn’t mean that apartment renters or those with small (or no) yard spaces can’t participate. Create mini fall arrangements for tabletops, balconies, and patios. Again, create tutorials that help shoppers envision how to create the autumnal aesthetic for small and indoor spaces too. As pictured above, a simple basket arrangement creates the cornucopia ¬†look while also being easy to move from the dinner table to a side table when hosting for Thanksgiving.

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