See some of the Label Gator ® features close up & learn more:

Gatorware GATORWARE This is the Label Gator Software. Provide us with your data in an Excel spreadsheet, & we will convert it into our software program for you. LABEL GATOR® LABEL UNWINDROLL This is where you place your label roll. The dancer arm allows for labels to come off the roll smoothly, eliminating kinks, rips, etc. throughout your labeling process. label gator features - unwind roll LABEL UNWIND ROLL Label on LABEL APPLICATOR This feature swiftly, accurately, & efficiently applies your label onto your desired container as it comes down the conveyor. WIPE-ON auto-purge PURGE Optional on some Label Gators®. This feature automatically jogs to the next print job by the click of a button. label gator features - auto purge AUTO Print Engine PRINT ENGINE This print engine is seen on many of our Gators. It is powerful and ensures reliability for the highest of volumes. SATO THERMAL TRANSFER Shipping Solution SOLUTION This one-off shipping solution is able to save you on the cost of pre-labeled containers. Print with minimum interruptions & no backtracking. SHIPPING Conveyor CONVEYOR This conveyor belt is at the center of your Gator. It sends your container of choice down it to be labeled. You see it featured in many of our systems. label gator features - conveyor LABEL GATOR® #8 GAP SENSOR SENSOR This sensor detector confirms the length of the label & the length of the gap between each label. label gator features - gap sensor GAP LOOSE LOOP LOOSE-LOOP The loose-loop design triggers the printer, which allows it to keep up with the applicator, as the loop acquires more printed labels. label gator features - loose loop LABEL IN: INTUITIVE DESIGN INTUITIVE DESIGN The Label Gator® has a new & intuitive design. We recognized the need for a system that not only worked, but was fast & easy to operate. label gator features design LABEL GATOR®
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