This recent post from Greenhouse Grower provides a wealth of knowledge on getting rid of aphids from your greenhouse. Not only does it discuss the basics on aphid biology and why they are attracted to your plants, but it also discusses various methods to rid your greenhouse of the insects. 

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Aphids

First off, using home made spays and insecticidal soaps can make a huge difference. If you are experiencing aphids on a smaller scale in your greenhouse, this could be an option.  It is likely, however, that if you have aphids, they aren’t concentrated on a single plant. Concocting your own formula may not be practical in a widespread invasion.

Alternatively, you can attract other bugs that eat aphids. Ladybugs are most famous for this diet, but there are other bugs that consume aphids as well. These bugs include Parasitic waspsAphid Midges and Lacewings.

Attracting Predators

An easy way to naturally rid your greenhouse of aphids is to attract their predators. This extensive list provides information on which plants will attract the right predators for your greenhouse. Not only is it more natural than pesticides, but it can save time and energy in the process.  Once you have these predators coming to your property, it will keep this pest in check in future instances as well.

Preventative Care

Of course, the ultimate solution is preventing an aphid outbreak. One way you can accomplish this is by pairing aphid attracting plants with aphid repelling plants. Aphids dislike garlic, chives, onions, mint, petunias. Using one of these options next to your roses could help prevent the pest from making a home at your greenhouse. You could also plant banana peels at the base of plants you want to protect. This is supposed act as another effective repellent.

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