Wondering if your plants are going to survive this winter?

As December hits, it may be getting pretty chilly where you live and we are here to help give you a few tips to help your plants survive in the cold weather!

The first basic rule to keeping your plants alive and thriving throughout the winter is that you must research the individual needs of each plant you have. Every plant is different. All require different amounts of light, heat, water, etc! Also, not all plants can even survive through the winter.

Some basic care includes: 

  • Take them indoors
  • Insulate your perennials
  • Keep them adequately watered
basic plant care to survive winter

Which plants do I take indoors?

Be sure to research each plant that you own! If they are not built to survive outdoors, or in the winter, you can take them inside for shelter. Some will be able to survive in your house for the season. Other varieties require that their bulbs be dug up from the ground, and removed for the winter.

How do I insulate my perennials?

To begin getting them ready, remove any wilted leaves or decaying parts of the plant. Next, cut any stems that are 1-2 inches from the ground. Once the ground freezes, you should use a few inches of hay, peat moss, straw, or mulch to insulate their roots.

How much do I water them?

Water all of your trees and shrubs about 2 times as much as you usually would, just before the first frost that will freeze the ground! This will help ensure that they have enough water to get them through the entire winter, and the top frozen layer of ice acts as insulation for them!

NOTE: if you do NOT have a season freeze, then the plants will need much less water than they usually do while the weather is cold.

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