It’s Thanksgiving and we’re celebrating by looking at labeling things in horticulture that we’re thankful for. It’s been a year influenced by many horticulture trends, and in turn, that has gone on to influence label design as well. So, consider the ways your label can improve for the new year, and the added value you can offer customers through impactful label design.

Why We’re Thankful

Many trends have influenced people to develop a horticultural interest, and focus on their impact on the earth. Especially with pollinator plants, shoppers are more tuned into how their personal actions impact the climate more than ever. So, these trends in turn guide growers with a starting point on how to add more value to their label designs.

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Trends Developing Interest in Horticulture

Developing trends in horticulture are focussed on the health and wellness benefits they bring to us. Whether that’s with growing your own produce and cooking healthier meals, or it’s saving the bees. These trends bring calm and clarity to gardeners’ lives. As a result, these trends impact what growers offer to their customers. More than ever, added value on social media and on websites are part of the marketing strategy. By building a relationship with customers, they in turn increase sales. 

Horticultural Gamification

Earlier this week we talked about one Stardew Valley user’s experience with gardening which developed after playing the garden oriented game. This raised an interesting point that growers have the power to use games and apps to add value to their customers’ growing experiences. Whether the game is purely for fun (but features horticulture), or it’s an app designed to help them find success in the garden. Plus, the creation of a game itself is easily linked and promoted on appropriate labels to increase overall usage and success. So, while customers enjoy the game, they also build a bond with your brand and in turn are more likely to purchase from you.

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Zen Gardens & Mental Wellness Spaces

With the rise of Pantone’s calming colors for 2017 and 2018, also came a rise in the desire for calming garden spaces, indoor and out. This has increased the likelihood of home owners and apartment dwellers to both increase their horticultural skills. This has also informed growers of what shoppers are hoping to see on their labels. Calming imagery, colors, and tutorials. They want to get a sense that the plant will bring calm into their homes. So, maximize that by making it simple for those who are new gardeners. Get them rolling with easy-care plants, and especially plants that maximize indoor space. 


Hygge is also a trend that focusses on calm, but in more of a cozy sense. While this trend doesn’t specifically leak into the horticulture industry, it does focus on principles that gardeners are seeking. For example, like hygge, a moon garden creates a beautifully lit, cozy atmosphere where friends and family can spend time relaxing under a blanket. So, as we move into winter, consider the ways in which plants offer a cozy, homey feeling. Use product photography that emphasize that, especially around Valentine’s Day when plants will be a popular gift item. Also, use comforting colors, much like you would for zen gardens. Create an overall atmosphere that promote plants as nurturing.

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Innovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques range from simple foiling to tactile coatings, and even holographic patterns. They enhance fonts, create lifelike graphics, but also add a luxury element to a design. As a result, techniques are extremely versatile in enhancing any branding. Regardless of how they’re used, they communicate that an immense amount of care went into creating the product. Plus, they create haptic interest and the more shoppers pick up your items, the more likely they are to make a purchase. They also focus the eye to important details, such as a plants’ value point graphics.

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Expanded Content With Booklet-Style Labels

Booklet-style labels offer more pages to provide customers with information on the product and other added values. Labeling design space often feels limited as space is usually small. However, once panels open up to reveal more space, brief tutorials, translations, content links, and more can be provided. So, instead of trying to cram as much information on a front-facing label, it now is intelligently segmented. As a result, this makes it easier for customers to digest the information as well. Now there’s no need to skimp out on details. You can provide each customer with greater value.

Labeling Technology

In the same regard, link to more content using NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, or even simple URLs. Now content space is digitally limitless, and so are the means of engagement. From video tutorials, to blog posts, or even branded apps, provide customers with value throughout the lifecycle of the item they’ve purchased.  QR codes and URLs are even free to add! So brands just need to carve out a small space to include the graphic or text. That’s a simple investment when you consider the customer payoff. 

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Labeling Automation

Using a Label Gator labeling automation system saves time, money, and even labor. Each year H2A regulations bring uncertainty to a grower, so investing in automation allows your employees to focus on areas that matter with ease. Plus, these systems make it even easier to conform to big box store demands and provide professional, consistent application each and every time.

Learn about the labeling and automation solutions that Label Gator offers. See how you can save time, money and labor with our Product Guide. Click here to download the guide.

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