A Hygge Garden Sells Plants

May 10, 2018

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish principle of creating coziness in everyday life to increase happiness. This concept started trending in 2016 and drastically grew in 2017. Now, it’s time to examine how hygge¬†benefits growers and plant label design. Or, more specifically, how it turns the focus back to customers and their needs, in turn, delighting them with empathetic design.

Hygge Basics

There are some items and activities that Danes find particularly hygge. These include:

  • Soft pools of light, and well-lit rooms
    • Yes, also fireplaces
    • Especially candles
  • Long walks
  • Homey food, like soups
  • Warm drinks and spicy cocktails
  • Enjoying the company of friends and family

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Hygge Gardens & Mental Wellness

We’ve seen a distinct rise in mental wellness and zen gardening. Hygge expands on the idea by incorporating coziness into self-care. Although the trend ¬†is a few years old now (in North America anyway), it has significant staying power as people find refuge in their gardens. A garden, even a balcony garden, is the perfect place for such an ideology is it not? You’ll notice that what makes a good hygge garden also makes a suitable space for mindfulness.¬†

hygge fire pit

Fire pits create a cozy feeling, and a comforting, nostalgic scent. What products do you offer, if any? What are your options for apartment renters? Candles are a great alternative, especially ones with wood wicks. The popping of the wood wick candle mimics that of a bon fire, creating a very hyggligt environment.

Consider fire-less ways to infuse it into an environment. Fake candles are more realistic than ever, for example. Or, take the natural route and promote arrangements of fiery warm colors.

garden horticulture


Pools of light create the ideal mood for Danes. That’s why it’s important to get customers thinking about the options of light and plant combinations. How can they incorporate light into their arrangements? What climbing plants can work their way up a light pole, or around a lantern hanging from an arbor? For those with balconies, consider how smaller lights scattered around creates the same ambiance. With luxury, metropolitan gardens on the rise, it’s the perfect time to consider the importance of light.

Food & Drink

Edibles are fantastic plants for younger generations to grow since they offer practical value. On the hygge side of things, they also offer fresh produce to cook with. Something the Danes mention as a happiness contributor is methodically cooking something from scratch. Extend that concept by incorporating the joy of picking produce, or even snacking on it more casually.

Foodscaping was a hot trend last year, and one that seems to not be slowing down. Create arrangements that mix florals with edibles. Not only will it make growing that much easier for your customers, but it will also save space for those with balcony spaces.

sensory garden with lightHosting Company

Sensory gardens are great for family members of all ages. So, help customers create a space that includes everyone, and one that engages the senses. What’s more hyggligt than snacking on home grown fruit, while looking at beautiful blooms, touching textured plants, and listening to grasses blow in the breeze?¬†

A garden with levels not only looks good, and pleases adventurous pets, but it also provides accessibility and comfort for all. A solar lantern hanging off a fence post is safe for children to remove, or easy to reach for anyone in a wheelchair. It also lights up nearby bushes and flowers, adding nighttime interest.


Label Design

Label design has a role to play in creating cozy garden spaces. When creating arrangements, it’s paramount to make the value points of the plants clear, including any trends it covers. The more clarity you offer, the more authenticity you provide, and the more you increase gardener success.

monrovia R&D label with foiling metallic stock

Creating Light With Techniques

There are several labeling techniques, such as foiling, that catch the light and seemingly illuminate the packaging. Even metallic stock provides the luminous glow. Design a graphic that shows what a hygge garden looks like, glowing fire pit, lanterns, flowers, and all. Engage all senses with other innovative labeling techniques, like embossing, to create realistic dimension.

On top of developing unique images, techniques ensure customers see your product. When the packaging catches in the light, and the texture intrigues passers-by, there’s a higher change of them picking it up. Once they do, they make subconscious associations with the techniques, often positive, and then are more likely to make a purchase. So, inspiration sells.

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Link to Impactful Content

Create a hygge hashtag for your brand where customers go to find inspiration and post their own inspiring images. Or, link to content using labeling technology such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or NFC (Near Field Communication). This makes it easy to develop a relationship with customers after they leave the store. Even a booklet-style label extends content to offer more information on hygge garden design, or the value points of the plant. Again, this gets customers physically engaging with the product, which increases the chances of a sale. Plus, with more information, it increases the chance of grower success, and therefore, return purchases.

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