Millennials and Gen Z are growing up. Soon, their impact on the indoor plant market are already felt. Here are some ways you can use these cultural shifts to improve the sales of indoor plants.

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Metropolitan Life is Growing And So Is The Indoor Plant Market

The urban population accounted for 54% of the global population in 2014. That may seem like a surprising number, and in fact, it is expecting to continue to grow according to the World Health Organization. The more people who are living without yards, the more need there is for indoor and balcony plants. You can develop a grouping of plants designed for indoor life. For example, a grouping of plants that thrive in the shade may be the perfect option for a basement apartment dweller! Low maintenance combinations are also a great solution for the busy metropolitan!

More Than A Brand

Younger generations are looking to connect to brands. Gen Z especially are proving to be willing to invest in the products of their favorite YouTubers and content creators. The personal touch makes all the difference. Marketing plants becomes more and more about how what they can do for people and how a plant can improve their life. An authentic story and considering the customers’ needs are great places to start.

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Start ASAP

Reach out to schools and impact the young in a positive way. This will affect how they see horticulture. With concern about genetically modified produce and the effects of pesticides, younger generations could find empowerment in developing their own garden.  Making the experience fun and engaging is key to continuing the development of the skill.

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