Labeling Unconventional Plants

November 22, 2016
Jumping off of a Greenhouse Grower article on the topic, unconventional plants can be a bit of a risky investment. The article talks about the novelty of such plants and the approach taken to selling them. While this can be an intimidating investment, we have some tips to make the release a successful one.

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Build A Buzz For Your Unconventional Plants

Make the release of your unconventional plant known early on. By promoting on the release social media and through email marketing, you can¬†gather data on how interested people are in the item. By understanding ¬†your customers’ enthusiasm, you can gain insight on what to do next.

What does this plant do for people? Showcasing why this item improves lives creates a desire for the product. Plants improve a home and a lifestyle, so show people how! Promoting the plant on other labels could be a simple strategy for getting word out there. This could be especially important on plants that would pair well with your unconventional plant.

Label The Plant’s Pot Effectively

Creating bold, informative labels will help draw attention to your plant and make it easy for people to see it in their homes. Providing simple care terms will make it easier for people to envision it in their lives. ¬†On option is to use the tri-panel label, which can be opened up to provide more space for all your plant’s care information.

Better yet, creating an arrangement that pairs your item with a more popular plant could be a fantastic way to get it off your shelves. Creating a special label to promote both plants, or primarily focusing on the more popular item could be a tactic to increase sales.

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