Labels For Every Grower

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Picture Label Program:

Partially Pre-Printed Labels will be printed at Great Lakes Label & sent to you.
Then, you can print variable data, resulting in your Fully Printed Labels.
We can print all of your data & send you your Fully Printed Labels.

Automate Labeling

Automate Labeling
Print and/or apply labels with the Label Gator

Print Variable Data

Print.Variable Data
Ability to print data on-demand as needed, changing prices, description, etc. 

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce Labor Costs
Fewer workers are needed, resulting in lower labor costs

Utilize Granular Data

Utilize Granular Data
Growers are able to get the optimum granular data requested by retailers

Tag inventory

Reduce Obsolescence
With printing on-demand, there are less outdated & wasted tags

Reduce Lead Time

Reduce Lead Time
Label lead time is 2 weeks, period


Reduce plastic waste in the environment

Questions about the Picture Label Program?

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Labels for Every Grower

Extended Content Labels
Replace tags altogether with booklet style labels that expand your content. Instead of a one-sided label, use three pages to describe the product, provide growing instructions, and cover all regulatory information.

This extra space allows for freedom to create a compelling cover page that catches customers’ eyes. Let your design take center stage!

Extended Content Label

Multi-Colored Labels
Use a wide range of colors to match branding and create a bold design.
Great Lakes Label offers precise color every time thanks to quality checks and color management.

UPC Labels
Use black or standard colored borders for big box stores.

Single-Color Labels & Variable Data Printing
Use thermal transfer printing for variable data labels.

Vinca Label

We have a large variety of ribbons to fit your need.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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