We offer a variety of different horticulture labels for every grower!

Picture Label Program:

Partially Pre-Printed Labels will be printed at Great Lakes Label & sent to you. Then, you can print variable data in-house, resulting in your Fully Printed Labels.


We can print all of your data for you & send you your Fully Printed Labels.

Horticulture Labeling SolutionsHorticulture Labeling Solutions
Partially Pre-Printed Picture label horticulture labelsPartially Pre-Printed Picture label horticulture labels

Make the switch from messy-looking locking tags to crisp, clean, & uniform labels!


horticulture label - viola
Horticulture Label - Gerbera Daisy


Multi-Colored Labels 

Use a wide variety of colors to match your branding & create your bold design.

Great Lakes Label offers precise color matching every time, thanks to our color management & quality checks.


Extended Content Labels
Replace tags altogether with booklet-style labels! This label allows for more space for your content.

Instead of a regular label, with only 1 panel of information, this design gives you 3 pages to describe your product, provide information, instructions, branding, and more!

extended content horticulture label
Label Gator Lagit ™ tomato
Label Gator Lagit ™ green pepper

Label Gator Lagit®

U.S. Patent No. 11,862,046

This new type of horticulture label combines the tag & label, all in one. You are able to use your Gator to print variable data or purchase them from us fully printed.

This item has adhesive so it will stick to your pot, & you can peel off the tag portion, which can have care instructions printed on the back. Then the consumer is able to keep this marker with their plant in their garden.



 We offer a large variety of ribbons so that you are able to print your variable data to customize your labels

Bonnie Plants Labels


UPC Labels
Use black or standard colored borders for big box stores.

Bonnie Plants Label



Single-Color Label & Variable Data Printing

 Use thermal transfer printing to print your data.


Landscape Labels

We offer specialty stocks that are able to hold up in all outdoor elements, along with adhesives that are sure to stick to textured surfaces such as rocks, bricks, wood, composite decking, soil bags, garden tools, and more!

plants with texture

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