Window gardens are broken down in this Garden Design Magazine post. It discusses how to create levels, themes, and proper plant support. So, now that gardeners are spending more time indoors, use your labeling space to help them make a window garden. 

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Why Window Gardens?

A window garden makes it easy to get your plants enough light indoors. It also creates a breath of fresh air for zen spaces, and even create a year-round herb garden. Help them grow their horticultural interest in what’s often considered the “off-sesason.”

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Link to Valuable Information With Labeling Technology

Help customers set up a window garden with visual tutorials using labeling technology. Link them with NFC labels, QR codes, or even simple urls. Then, create original videos, blogs, or webpages dedicated to providing tips and tricks. Shoppers will be more likely to purchase a helpful item with added value like that, plus share it on social media.

Label Gator's R&D Booklet-Stylle / Tri-Panel Label

Booklet-Style Labels Expand Content to Inform and Inspire

Another way to offer added value and further information on the topic is by including it in a booklet-style label. With expanded content and extra pages, inspirational images and setup graphics are far easier to offer. This also provides more space for translations, digital links, and even more space for plant care instructions.

Either way, it provides an opportunity to create information solely based on indoor care during the winter months. Since it’s likely that shoppers will put those plants in windowsills, why not show them another option for creating a trendy, relaxing window space? Communicate the style and comfort benefits and you might just find that people come back for more.

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