This report from Garden Media Group reveals their predictions for the top 8 trends in 2018. One of the most interesting trends is the focus on mental health. Gardeners, especially millennials are looking to create zen spaces where they can unwind. The world health organization predicts that by 2030 anxiety will be the biggest health issue. On top of this, younger generations are making mental health a priority. Considering the importance of highlighting plants’ usefulness, inspire your customers to stop and breathe.

zen garden display with seating area for mental wellness

Create a Zen Garden Display & Label Design

Whether your customer meditates, does yoga, or is looking for a quiet space to virtually disconnect, you need to inspire them. Set up displays like the above example to show customers what’s possible for their mental wellness. The more plants, the better. For home owners, large plants that offer privacy is ideal. If plants won’t last throughout the winter, highlight what items are great to bring inside for the winter. Pollinator plants or varieties that attract birds will also enhance the zen in their space.

Design your labels to connect to younger, tech-savy customers and inspire them. Connect them to an inspirational Pinterest board using NFC labeling technology or a simple QR code. Suggest complimentary plants to the one they’re purchasing as well. Even creating beautiful, inspirational interior layouts for your social media or label design is key.

Mental Wellness Spaces Inside The Home

When it comes to younger generations, highlight which ones do well in low light and balcony situations. The younger the generation, the more likely they will be to create a tranquil indoor space. Highlighting large, bulky, sun loving plants is not ideal.

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