Are new plants still the most exciting product you can offer greenhouse customers this summer? This article from Greenhouse Grower considers that there will be a push back to native, traditional plants after customers have been overwhelmed with new plants for so long. Let’s take a look at why, if this is in fact true, and how this will affect your label design.

What Do Customers Want?

Instead of offering new varieties for the sake of it, consider the needs of your clients. Your customers are still looking for edibles, deer and pest resistant plants as well as pollinator plants. Showcase your products that will bring efficiency to their life.

Millennials are turned off by gardening considering how overwhelming the care routine is for so many varieties. That, coupled with their interior space limitations create passive, low-key gardeners. By highlighting the purpose plants serve in customers lives, you create a new generation of customers.

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Save The Bees With Native Wildflowers

Pollinator plants are the hottest gardening trend. This is happening right as bees are added on the endangered species list for the first time. That’s why Cheerios recently gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds for free to Americans and Canadians. This number significantly surpassed their original goal of 100 million seeds, which further proves just how interested people are in pollinators this season.

Emphasize pollinators and, if possible, hold giveaways with plants and sees that attract bees. Bring attention to your practical varieties and bring customers into your store by hosting a social media giveaway of this nature. This also helps educate new gardeners on the importance of their role in our eco-system and develops their interest in this industry.

Labeling New Plants vs. Traditional Plants

Consider how you need to showcase your varieties. If you plan to make a push for edibles, pollinators or pest repellents, create labels that stand out from the rest. A little attention to detail goes a long way when it comes to label design. You can use a variety of innovative labeling techniques to reach this goal, or try using bright, trending colors for this year.

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