Budget friendly plant options are ideal for gift givers and for anyone not looking to invest in plants. So, make sure your pricing is clear, and that you consider this when you create arrangements or packages for the holiday season. 

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Ways to Create Budget Friendly Options

First, deals and discounts are always helpful. Consider offering social media promotions that exchange user-generated posts and content for seasonal discounts. Or, create a giveaway! Even small discounts are helpful during the winter when there’s so many holidays. 

Alternatively, arrangements create a way to create a small discount on a large group of products. Plus, this makes for easy gift giving, especially when targeting low-light conditions, or easy-care items. However, it’s important to communicate the budget-oriented value. Even create listicles on your top gift items offered in-store and online.

Make Pricing Clear With Labels

For tags, make sure the price is bold and clear. For updating prices, use The Tag Labeling System to over-label the information currently provided. Or, ensure that there’s a secondary label which boldly states the price. As a result, there’s no difficulty in finding the information.

Do you already have a label in use? Again, a secondary label is viable option for any container. Or, again, if you have inaccurate pricing, over-label it. Do you have a new discount for the holiday season? Design a label to promote the discount! So, all customers will have access to added value you provide, literally.

Lastly, the more color the better. Even if the label is simple, a vibrant color will draw the eye. So, you can ensure it’s the first thing shoppers see.

Learn even more about the labeling and automation solutions that Label Gator offers. So, see how you can save time, money and labor with our Product Guide. Click here to download the guide.

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