The Label Gator® Brand offers a complete line of automated barcode labeling equipment designed for greenhouse and nursery growers. These systems provide accurate label placement on a wide variety of growing containers, and key grower benefits, such as the elimination of pre-labeled pot inventories and less over-labeling.

Around a dozen variations of its Label Gator® System are currently available. Each of these has been engineered with growers in mind. They all include many features that are unique to the Label Gator® brand & solving the largest challenges for the horticulture & gardening world.

See what makes our systems superior: 

Intuitive Software:

Each Label Gator® System comes fully equipped with our easy to use custom interface & software, “Gatorware.” It starts with your very own data. Your label design & data is pre-loaded on the touch screen PC that is included with your purchase of the system.

Unmatched Speed:

The Label Gator® System applies labels at an unprecedented rate. For example, the apply-only labeling system processes up to eighty 608-cell tray labels per minute. The two-sided, print & apply system is known for speeds of up to 280 containers labeled per minute, based on the size of the container & label.

Superior Technology:

The system utilizes proprietary PLC communication to fully integrate conveyor speed, printing, label application, and secondary processing functions.

One-on-One Support:

We are committed to understanding your requirements while meeting or exceeding your expectations. Our promise as a company is to provide you with guaranteed service & support, and even train your staff upon a Label Gator® installation at your facility.

See “Our Gators” page to learn a little more about each specific Label Gator® system:

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Our Equipment Team testing out & working with our Label Gators®.