As a grower, you sow hundreds, even millions of unique seeds. Whether you’re using the latest planter equipment or planting by hand, organization is the key to your success! The Label Gator® allows you to simplify the color-coding process by eliminating label changeover. With our Propagator Label Gator®, you can now print and apply labels in line with ONE multi-colored label for every growing week.

propagation label

The machine crosses out the other colors and shows the one color you want as it applies it onto your propagation tray. This helps eliminate the need for several individual rolls of labels with a single-colored bar. Now, simply load this one roll of multi-colored labels into your bar code printer and watch the Label Gator Propagator Labeling System do the rest!

propagator propagation labeling system

With this Propagation System, you will: 


The Labeling Process

Your Color-Coding Process

Printing & Applying


Label Changeover

Multiple Label Rolls

Markers & Paint Cans

Multi-Colored Label Inventory


Color-Coding Accuracy

Labor & Label Costs