Real Stories

“Great Lakes Label has been a great company to deal with. Their equipment has worked exactly the way we hoped it would. Our product is outside and the Label Gator has performed great all season.

We use it outside where we can wheel it from one end of the nursery to the other. The Label Gator operator position has become one of the most popular jobs we have at the nursery. They have been very helpful with all additional needs we’ve had such as creating labels on site for the Label Gator.

Great Lakes Label customized our Label Gator so we can print on the spot when needed. “Working with Great Lakes Label has been one of the best experiences I have had with a company. Thank You!”

John Clifford
Clifford’s Perennial & Vine
Paw Paw, Michigan

“I’ve been asked by several suppliers if I can recommend an automated label applicator – I tell them The Label Gator”

Wayne Blades
Wenke Greenhouses
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“The Label Gator has been an excellent investment to improve the efficiency of our production lines. It will pay for itself in six peak months of planting. We have increased our individual barcode list from 150 to over 1000. If we were to pre-print barcodes on the pots the inventory would have been unmanageable.

Hand labeling is a waste of labor and prone to errors.
Label Gator has helped reduce our container inventory, cut costs in production and improve accuracy.The Label Gator staff was very informative in the complete setup and training of our crews. Within a week our crew was running Label Gator like it had been here for years. Label gator actually helped increase our production by setting a faster pace”.

Chad Corso
Corso’s Perennials
Sandusky, Ohio

“After three seasons with the Label Gator, we can confidently say it’s the best machine we own and the best investment we’ve made. The Label Gator team has truly designed an easy to operate and trouble-free labeling system. The Label Gator paid itself in its first season, we save a penny on each pot we label versus buying pre-printed.”

Jason Yanes
Pure Beauty Farms
Miami, Florida

“The best investment I’ve ever made”

Angelo Petitti
Petetti Garden Centers
Greater Cleveland Ohio Area

“We absolutely love our new Gator system. Installation was clean and quick, operation has been nearly flawless over the initial 9 months– and in some cases, our production has nearly doubled! It did not take long for us to want a second machine to replace our existing equipment- These Gators rock!!”

Russell Crookston
Summit Plastic Company
Akron, OH