Ship Now, Right Now.

The cost of pre-labeled containers is on the rise and delivery times for pre-labeled pots is highly unreliable.
Eliminate the wait for pre-labeled container inventories. Ship on time and increase your speed with minimum interruptions and no backtracking.

The Innovative Process

Compared to other labeling applicators, The Label Gatorâ„¢ is PLC controlled- a computer that controls the equipment. The PLC allows for integration with other production systems, downloading data onto the device and printing labels on the spot.

Automate labeling from your “pick list”

Take a closer look

We recognized the need for a system that not only worked but was fast and easy to operate.

The Gap Sensor

The sensor detector confirms the length of a label and the length of the gap between labels.

The Powerful Engine

Our designers identified opportunities like a proper print engine to ensure reliability for the highest of volumes.