Horticulture Labeling Solutions


  • Allows for real-time coding of propagation trays
  • Tested horticultural printer, ribbon, and label combos 
  • Preprogrammed, user-friendly human interface
  • Custom horticulture print software built around your data needs 
  • Data management support
  • Full on-site set-up and staff training included
  • Designed as plug & play equipment 
  • Powder coated & stainless steel components for longevity
  • Variable speed printing and applying
Video shows the Two-Sided Label Gator® System.
They function the same, but the Single-Sided only has one Print & Apply head.


  • This machine will print & apply up to 250 pots per minute 
  • Capable of single-lane labeling
  • Print and apply technology reduces pre-printed label inventory by up to 90%
  • Reduces labor by up to 5 people per line
  • Capable of installing all labels, including big-box retail program labels
  • Fast set-up and training 


 “We have had great success transitioning out of traditional care tags & moving to an on-demand care label printing program. We could not have done this without Label Gator. The training and customer service provided is second to none and was instrumental in making our process more efficient.” 

– Aaron Price, Rambo Nursery