Mulla mulla is an Australian plant, formally known as ptilotus exaltatus. It is a robust perennial or ephemeral herb which thrives in spring and summer. However, this plant can live through light frost also. As a result, mulla mulla isn’t ideal for North American winters.

Open flower of Ptilotus exaltatus Mulla Mulla

Mulla Mulla Specifications

  • Small shrub, or even a clumping perennial
  • Grows about half a meter in diameter
  • Can even grow in a variety of acidity levels
  • Prefers sandy soil, sandy loam, and even potting mix
  • Loves sunlight

The Label Design

So, how can the label design emphasize this plant’s characteristics? Well, focus on the soft nature of mulla mulla. Use a soft label stock, or even make an emphasized motif on the design. As a result, you’ll make shoppers want to reach out and pick up the product for a closer look. Also, since the flower is always pink, create a complimentary color scheme that makes it pop.

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