Do you keep hearing the word ” The Lagit ™ ” around your greenhouse, or within the horticulture industry, and you’re not quite sure what it is?

That’s because the Lagit is the newest, patented label design for the horticulture industry. It is a label and stake tag – ALL-IN-ONE!

Grower Use for The Lagit™:

  • Growers can use preprinted master rolls of labels, then they can print variable data on each label.
  • They can also apply the label automatically to the pot.

OR –

  • They can purchase fully printed rolls of their Lagit.
  • Then they can automatically use their Label Gator® system to apply it to their containers.

Consumer Use The Lagit™:

  • Once a label is applied to a container, the removable stake tag can be peeled off.
  • The label portion of the Lagit remains on the pot, so the consumer knows what the product is.
  • The removable stake tag can then be placed in the soil next to the pot or be securely stored away.

Benefits of the Lagit ™ :

  • It replaces the hanging & locking tags.

  • Can be applied automatically, unlike tags.

  • Is only 40% of the thickness of current tags – making it more sustainable.

  • 20% of the product is removed as the plant stake, the rest stays on the pot, and is recycled with the container.

  • Reduces waste by allowing variable data to be printed directly on the label & stake portion.

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The Lagit ™ label showcased on plant and in the ground