Exceptional Staying Power

Introducing WetStickâ„¢, the first water proof label of its kind designed specifically for the horticulture industry. Apply your label to wet surfaces without undermining the adhesive.

Let's Face It, Your Labels Will Get Wet

From rain to watering tunnels, your pressure sensitive labels are bound to get wet. Shouldn’t they perform well? Now they can.

You don’t stop when it rains. Why should your label?

The Ultimate Solution

With the WetStickâ„¢ label you no longer have to worry about waiting for your containers to dry before labeling them. You can even apply the label under water!

Choose The Right Applicator

wetstick label - great lakes label

Get the best results with the WetStickâ„¢ label by choosing the right applicator. The Label Gatorâ„¢ applicator system is the only print and apply label applicator developed for the horticulture industry.