The Importance of Traceability in Agriculture & Horticulture

June 13, 2017

Traceability goes hand in hand with the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Labels with RFID technology allows businesses to keep track of inventory at their location. This proves to be helpful with managing, organizing and finding products.

GS1 is a¬†process¬†that allows businesses to use barcodes and ID numbers to ensure traceability at every stage of the product’s life. Businesses use Gs1 to communicate with customers, partners and suppliers on¬†the stage at which each element of the product is in. These standards¬†save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork.

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From Farm to Fork

As Vegetable Growers News has explored, traceability has allowed there to be more clarity with food safety issues. Let’s say, worst case scenario, product safety is compromised. The team can trace where the product came from and dispose of anything affected. This decreases waste and saves the business time and money.¬†

Now, customers know that farms and greenhouses have full control of their plants. It creates confidence and comfort in purchasing from you.

Traceability = Accountability

When communication is clear at every stage it makes it easier for every party to be accountable for their work. When using RFID technology at every stage in the plant’s life there will be constant updates. For example, after watering each plant, the label can be scanned, marking the task completed.¬†When a plant gets missed, the technology will say so,¬†correcting the mistake.

Clear Communication

With GS1, all external parties involved in the creation of the product will have access to seeing what stage the product is in. Again, for a worst case scenario example, your product ships out but does not reach its destination. Track when it shipped and where it has travelled along the way to better understand where something might have gone wrong. 

This is already a common practice with most package delivery services, but now the system works in conjunction with tracking at all levels.

Be accountable at every stage. As GS1 says, use¬†the “global language of business.”

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