According to Richard Jones, Editor of the Greenhouse Grower, one of the many issues growers are faced with is the cost of labor. Automation is the solution to many labor & efficiency challenges. Every grower, regardless of their size, should automate their production line.

Doing so allows you to print when you need it and has many other benefits such as the ability to print variable data as needed, a faster, more reliable, and consistent process, lower labor costs, more precise labeling, and so on.

why automate? See the benefits of automation

The Label Gator® Brand is committed to finding you the right solution that will fit your budget. Automation is not just for the “big guys.” Investing in automation now, will improve your current operation & save you from rising costs and any labor challenges arising in the future.

Another reason to automate is due to the unmatched speed of the Label Gator® Systems. They apply at an unprecedented rate. For example, the apply-only labeling systems can process up to eighty 608-cell tray labels per minute, and the 2-sided gator can do up to 400 a minute. The hands needed to produce labeled pots at these speeds are more than triple the amount many growers have in their existing production lines.