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Get Gardeners Prepped For Spring

Help get new gardeners prepped for spring by showing them how to plant bulbs in the fall. The below video from Garden Answer provides a thorough walkthrough on the [...]

The Mental Wellness Trend in Gardening

This report from Garden Media Group reveals their predictions for the top 8 trends in 2018. One of the most interesting trends is the focus on mental health. Gardeners, [...]

Striking Plants: Fringed Gentian

Gentianopsis crinita, also known as "greater fringed gentian, ""blue gentian" or simply "fringed gentian" is native to Eastern USA and Canada. This hardy flower prefers full to partial sun in [...]

Encourage Imperfect Gardening

In this Garden Trends Report from Garden Media, it states that imperfect gardening will be a trend in 2018. Instead of seeking perfectly manicured lawns, and constantly maintained gardens, this [...]


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