How Foiling Improves Horticulture Labels

January 5, 2017

The luxury packaging market is increasing, and so will the use of labeling techniques (such as foiling)¬†in the horticulture industry. How can¬†foiling actually improve your label? We’re going to explore that question. It may be easier than you think!


Costa Farms' Flutter Color label with foiling

Costa Farms’ Flutter Color Label With Foiling

As seen above, the Flutter Color label by Costa Farms showcases the brilliance of butterflies using the foiling labeling technique.

In person, the foil shimmers in the light, attracting customers’ eyes. Not only is the foiling used on the butterflies’ wings, but it accentuates “color” as a title. This creates a cohesive look which pops out from other labels on display.

So, how can you use foiling on your label?

On top of accentuating titles or various elements of a label, use it¬†to accentuate background designs. This way you don’t have to wait for a design element that requires brilliant shine. You can incorporate the effect into any label design.

Go beyond butterflies. Incorporating this technique on floral elements would be another valuable way to take advantage of this head turner. Your products are the star of the show after all, and enhancing what they could look like on your label is a classic design move. 

Or, if you have natural shining elements on your label (such as the sun), this would enhance that element. That said, regardless of what element the foiling is used on, your label will pop.

Luxury design isn’t just for cosmetic brands and spirits labels. By taking your packaging seriously, your customers will take your product seriously in return. It’s a simple effect with high impact.¬†

Don’t you think it’s time to take your label to the next level?

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