Low-Maintainence Plants Shine For The Holidays

November 1, 2018
Low-maintenence plants are the best kinds of plants during the bustling holiday season. Whether customers are looking to make their home comforting for the winter, or give the item as a gift, the easier the better. As a result, customers will find more success with growing the plant and may even develop an interest in horticulture.

low-maintainence flower pot gift

Highlight That The Plant is Low-Maintainence With a Secondary Label

Use a secondary label to simply state “low-maintainence” right on the pot. So, instead of designing a new label entirely to promote it’s ease of care, this solution draws attention, but remains simple for growers. You don’t necessarily need to go into more depth if your label or tag covers the ways in which it’s easy to care for. The secondary label simply acts as attention getter to assist customers in saving time in-store searching for an easy plant.

Pre-Wrapped Items

Again, the faster shoppers can find what they’re looking for, the better. So, consider offering your easy-care plants pre-wrapped. As a result, you imply the simplicity of the item from start to finish. Plus, customers will be able to better envision giving the item to a loved one.

Booklet-Style Labels Double as Cards

Booklet-style labels have helped many growers expand content space, but here it can help by doing the opposite. A booklet style label can also offer blank space for customers to use as a card. So, while the plant info is elsewhere, this is a simple space for people to write their best wishes for the season. Get creative with offering customers added value.

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