It’s Time To Rethink Your Horticulture Labels

October 3, 2017

As the growing season ends, it becomes time to consider investments and plans for the upcoming year. There are major advancements happening in the labeling industry that can provide value to both the growers and the customers. Here’s what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve, save labor and save money. Don’t get left behind when 2018 rolls around. What once worked, needs re-evaluation and improvement.

Use Labeling Design Innovations & Technology To Your Advantage

Label Gator RFID Tags for Horticulture growers and greenhouses

Label Gator RFID Tags

Labeling technology like RFID tags and NFC labels are advancing and becoming incredibly helpful for growers. These tech options offer clear communication, accountability and better run processes. These tags may seem small, but they leave a lasting impact. They allow growers to track when plants are watered and fertilized as well as keep track of where they are at every stage in the growing process. NFC labeling is customer oriented and connect them to pertinent information. If you have helpful content, NCF labels easily share it.

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Labeling innovations are happening with design techniques as well. As the luxury market grows, your competitors are using more and more techniques to stand out and create compelling label design. From embossing to foiling and holographic style techniques, engage your customers’ senses. Horticulture labels don’t have to be simple. Instead, make a statement.

Consider Your Customers’ Needs

Costa Farms' booklet style horticulture labels

Costa Farms’ booklet style label

As mentioned above, NFC labels provide customers with valuable content. This focus on providing customers with more than just a product is key. By creating a bond with customers you help them become successful growers and you also bring them back to the store. With booklet-style labeling, you can even expand your content, providing accessibility with translations or tutorials. Consider ways you can delight customers with your labels. 

Applying Horticulture Labels Shouldn’t Waste Time, Energy & Money

Save time, money and labor. Specifically, labor is a constant issue in the industry, and automation is the answer. Investing in a labeling system quickly pays itself and allows you to focus on creating a beautiful product. It also allows you to keep up with big box store demands and create accurate label placement every time. 

The Two-Sided Labeling System for greenhouses

The Two-Sided Labeling System

Learn about the labeling and automation solutions that Label Gator offers. See how you can save time, money and labor with our Product Guide. Click here to download the guide.

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