Most Important Horticulture Labeling Trick For Spring

March 20, 2018
Spring is here, but there’s still time to amp up your labels to excite and inspire your customers. In this blog, we’ll go in-depth on a single labeling trick that will transform your selling season. Yet, this isn’t a trick that expires once summer comes. It’s a shift in perspective that will transform how you design labels.

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The Labeling Trick

No more beating around the bush. Here’s the simple trick.

What do your customers need?

Ask yourself what your customers’ needs are every single time it’s time to design a label. How can you go above and beyond to provide them with information, or even an experience, they can’t get anywhere else? Empathize with problems they have when shopping for plants and learning how to grow them. The best way to know for sure is to ask. Consider sending out a survey and gathering data on your customer base.

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What does this mean for you label design?

Go above and beyond your current information offerings. Use QR codes to link customers to your company’s content created specifically for the plant they’re holding. Make learning about horticulture a fun and exciting experience by asking to be tagged on any pictures they post on social media of their purchase. Then, engage with them. Go so far as to create a platform where they can send you pictures of issues their having with their plant to get quick recommendations on how to bring it back to full health. It doesn’t end there. Once customers’ needs are clear, there are so many interactive ways your brand can solve their greatest problems through intelligent label design.

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Relabel and Over-Label With Ease

When hand labeling, changing up your labels last minute is not an option. That’s why with labeling automation systems, such as the Two-Sided Labeling System pictured above, you have the flexibility to provide your customers with the best information at all times. Hundreds of containers are labeled in a matter of minutes. Save yourself that time, money, and labor to create the next best video tutorial.

Learn about the labeling and automation solutions that Label Gator offers. See how you can save time, money and labor with our Product Guide. Click here to download the guide.

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